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Project 5 - Bathroom Repair Work

Bathroom Repair Work | Harrogate Tiler

My client in Leeds owns a beautiful Art Deco property which has bundles of original features. The style of both the tiles & colour choices certainly match well with the property. The grout lines over the years had however cracked and was causing water damage to the property on the floor below. 

Rather than advise my client to have the whole bathroom stripped and re-tiled, I offered to remove only the offending section and blend in the new tiles. This not only kept the cost down for the client, but also minimised the time needed to do the job and thus less disruption. 

As the old tiles were taken off it became clear the plasterboard behind was well and truely blown and crumbled off the wall in places. These were therefore replaced with 12mm insulated board and primed twice before any re-tiling could take place. 

The finished article looks great, the client is very happy with the results, and you'd never know any work had been undertaken. 

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